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28 March 2020

Video: Belgian Fence System Controls ASF Spread in Wild Boars

Belgium has taken a number of measures to control the spread of African swine fever since the disease was detected in the country in 2018. The measures include the construction of a fence system of 300 kilometers. This video shows the evolution of the barrier programme and evaluates its effectiveness.

Infected Area Defined

A network of fences has been built in Belgium to contain the spread of the ASF virus. Shortly after the first virus-positive wild boar was detected, near the village of Etalle on September 10th 2018, an infected area was defined. This is the blue area on the map.

Control Measures Put In Place

As new positive cases were detected, the infected area was redefined. This is the red area on the map. A series of control measures were quickly put in place:

So far, the measures have proven effective to keep ASF virus inside the affected area. This strategy included a combination of different measures, namely

  • zoning,
  • carcass removal,
  • a complete feeding ban,
  • specific hunting regulations and depopulation actions depending on the zone,
  • a partial ban of people and logging, and
  • setting up a network of concentric fences.

Slowed (And Stopped) The Disease

Just over one year after ASF was first detected in Belgium, the fences, in combination with the other measures, have stopped the spread of the disease.


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