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5 May 2019

These 5 pig brands and their true flavors are on the rise

Consumer choices are more and more based on tradition and true flavors. These are exactly the strengths of the Belgian enterprises, who offer a varied range of traditional pig breeds and brands.

Tradition and true flavors

Belgian suppliers keep a finger on the pulse. They keep a close eye on the global market and trends at the micro and macro levels. Ultimately, it is all about giving the customers exactly what they want.
Two trends that set the course today are the revival of traditional products and the importance of pure ingredients. The consumer has had enough of uniformity and is once more choosing wholeheartedly for tradition and true flavors.
These 5 brands answer those needs perfectly and are therefore in high demand.

  • Breed/Brand: Belgian Landrace
  • Meat percentage: +60%
  • Dressed weight: +96 kg (+211 lb.)
  • Characterized by: fattening pig combining a high return with a favorable stress resistance and excellent butchery results
  • Did you know: Belgium’s no.1 fattening pig
  • Breed/Brand: Duroc/Duroc d’Olives
  • Characterized by: a rapid pace of growth, wide ham & shoulders and a peaceful nature
  • Did you know: the pigs are fed with pure grains and supplemented with olive oil—you cannot taste the oil, but it makes the meat more tender and more flavorsome
  • Breed/Brand: Duroc/Brasvar
  • Characterized by: tender and succulent meat with a unique refined taste
  • Did you know: Brasvar is a pig of the highest quality. This implies a strict hygiene protocol, a self-monitoring system, a Certus accreditation and complemented by an animal-friendly and environmentally rearing method.
  • Breed/Brand: Berkshire/Duke of Berkshire
  • Characterized by: an excellent quality tender meat with a mild taste, ensured by its very distinct genetic properties, its narrower and more delicate muscle fibers, combined with an excellent feed
  • Did you know: the pigs are bred in a closed circuit and fed with a vegetarian multi-grain feed. In 2012, the Belgian public voted Duke of Berkshire as the most delicious variety of pork.
  • Breed/Brand: Mangalica
  • Characterized by: a woolen coat and a considerable fat cover that contributes to a distinctive taste
  • Did you know: the pigs are reared with respect for the animal and the environment. They are free to roam outdoors and they receive fodder made from natural pig feed.

Searching for the perfect pig

A typical characteristic of the Belgian enterprises is their focus on traditional breeds of fattening pigs. They offer an answer to the demand for a different type of the feed. Flavorsome meat, veined with fat, with extra attention paid to the quality of the feed.

Even today, the search for the perfect pig continues. Belgian researchers continue to work tirelessly to refine the taste and improve the yield.


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